Would You Like Fries with That…? DRC Can Help You with More Than Just Mobiles!

It’s a polite enquiry you hear whenever you visit your favourite fast food outlet: “Would you like fries with that?”.

Sales staff working in these places are trained to ask the question of any customer not ordering fries with their meal, and while it might seem odd to have to remind anyone buying a fast food take-out that fries are an option, it does actually highlight something all businesses could learn from – including us.

As consumers, in our personal as well as our business lives, we have a tendency to put suppliers into ‘boxes’, only thinking of them in relation to the product or service they’ve provided to us before. We might have had a great customer experience at the time, but later, when we need a different solution, we may not even consider them, because what we’re looking for isn’t in the ‘box’ we’ve created in our mind.

No, this isn’t a convoluted way of telling you that DRC have moved into fast food, but it is an excuse for reminding you of the breadth of services we can provide.

It’s nearly 30 years since DRC was founded. Early on, our focus was on installing in-car phone systems, and we soon evolved into a mobile phone supplier, managing accounts for a wide range of SME’s and corporate clients. While today, mobile phones remain an important part of our offering, as communication technology has developed, the range of services we provide has expanded significantly.

But still, many clients only think of us for mobile phones.

It’s partly our fault we know. We may not always shout about our other services to our mobile-only clients, but if this includes you, we’d like to ask you a question:

Can We Help You with Your Fixed Line Services?

If you’re a DRC client, we’re only supporting you with your mobiles, and you enjoy the level of service and customer support we deliver, why not let us take a look at your fixed line services too?

We can provide you with a total communications solution that encompasses your mobiles, and all the other services you currently get from other providers including:

  • Business Lines.

  • Phone Systems.

    Hosted & traditional business phone systems.
  • Business Internet.

    Via DSL broadband for a high bandwidth internet connection. Or if you need something even faster, we can provide your business with dedicated internet connectivity.
  • Microsoft 365.

    Cloud-based enterprise-grade email, applications & storage, enabling your team to work far more flexibly.

Using DRC for all your services – not only mobiles – has many benefits. Because we work with you more closely, getting to understand your business and your requirements in depth, we’re able to deliver a fully joined-up solution, taking the efficiency and effectiveness of your communications technology to a whole new level.

Switching your fixed lines, and transferring your existing services to DRC is a smooth and easy process.  We’ll do all the work, leaving you to benefit from greater efficiencies and more cost-effective working!

Talk to one of our advisors to find out more about the benefits of using DRC for all your communication requirements. Call us today on 01256 895895 for a chat!

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