Tech Gadgets the DRC Team Can’t Live Without!

Is there a tech gadget you’d find it impossible to be without? We take it as a given that your mobile phone, tablet and desktop are indispensable – but is there another gadget in your life that you simply couldn’t do without?

We thought it would be fun to put this question to everyone in the DRC team. The answers we got back give an interesting insight into our lives – and highlight what a diverse bunch of people we are! We all want to block out the noise and distractions from modern life sometimes, and Amy's favourite gadget helps her do just that. Bose Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones: "These are just a godsend!  They're noise-cancelling, making them perfect to use at the gym, to catch-up on Netflix whilst blow-drying my hair, and even when I'm trying to get to sleep on a plane!" Like many people with a hectic life, Chris struggles to catch television programmes when they’re broadcast. His gadget solves that problem – and helps skip commercial distractions. Freeview Hard Drive Recorder: “I can’t remember when I bought my first recorder, but I’m on my second one now. I rarely watch TV live, preferring to record any programs I’m interested in so I can enjoy them whenever I have time. It’s nice to fast-forward the adverts too!” Cliff's gadget is practical, and there to make his life just that little bit easier. Multimeter: “Purchased this while I was at a car boot sale, and since then it has determined circuit polarity and has been used to check batteries, power supplies and chargers, fuses and light bulbs, hot water heating elements and broken cables.  My most recent success was diagnosing a thermal fuse fault on a car component – the fuse was around 40p but the whole part would have cost £80 to replace." While Dan’s hard at work in the office, he knows his floors at home are being kept spic and span by a high-tech version of the magic broomstick from the ‘Sorcerer’s Apprentice’. Robot Vacuum Cleaner: “I’m not a clean freak, I don't notice dust and I can live with a certain amount of quotidian clutter, but dirty floors drive me crazy. Now though, I have a robot to clean my floor whilst I’m at work.” Dave spends a lot of time in his car, but his gadget of choice makes getting from A to B a lot more enjoyable. In-Car Entertainment System:  “As well as the vehicle updates and warnings I get from my system, the Sat Nav is invaluable (I have a poor sense of direction!), and the traffic updates save me time. The radio keeps me up to date with sport, but most important is connectivity with the Audible app on my phone which has turned my car in to a university on wheels!” As our MD, Dene knows how important it is to make a good first impression and he always looks sharp. Electric Razor: “Basic I know, but it’s been an essential since I first got whiskers! I use it every day and I’d look like a hobo without it!” When Grace gets home from a long day at the office, she knows her gadget will be there to help make her home life smarter. Amazon Echo Dot: “This hands-free, voice-controlled device uses Alexa to play music, control smart home devices, set alarms and more. I use it for listening to music and calling other family members who have a device. When my phone’s on charge, it’s so easy to ask Alexa to make a call or send a message.” We’ve always known that Jane has a competitive streak, but her choice of gadget proves it beyond doubt.! Fitbit: “I’ve had by Fitbit for three years now. I use it to count the number of steps I take within a 24 hour period, and to record routes I run. I’ve discovered my competitive side, and have a daily showdown challenge with friends.  Every day, I get a kick out of seeing whether I’ve won!” Joe loves his music, and his gadget gives him a chance to DJ whenever he feels like it. Can he kick it? Yes he can! CDJ Decks: “I’ve had these about 6 months and use them every day. I’m constantly be listening to and messing around with music. It’s fun for my friends and I, and it’s one of our favourite pastimes.” Karen gave us two gadgets, but as one of them involves mouth-watering cooking we let her off. Slow Cooker: “I can’t remember being without one. In fact, I now have two, so bulk cooking is easy when all the family are together, or I’m preparing batches to freeze.  It’s a great time-saver, just chuck it all in, set the timer and go.” UV Nail Dryer: “Bought for me as a Christmas present a couple of years ago, this is a well-used favourite. It saves me lots of time, is quick, and lasts ages. The days of not-quite-dry smudged or chipped nail varnish are no more.” Steve has selected another gadget that takes the old school TV into the twenty first century. Apple TV: “I use Apple TV to stream all my photos, videos and music.” Tom is another one of our staff who really enjoys his music, and his gadget puts him in control of sounds around his home. Sonos Music System: “I spent a lot of time listening to music from CD’s and slowly converted to MP3 files. As music is so easy to download now, the Sonos makes it much easier to access my own music library and move around the house without needing to find a CD, put it on and be stuck in one room.”  

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