One Net Express

Ideal For Small Business.

One Net Express is the perfect solution for small businesses who rely on their mobile phone. It gives your business the credibility of a local landline number, and professional features such as a switchboard, hold music and easy call transferring, while maintaining the flexibility you need to run your business from your mobile.

One Net Express - a great first impression

A Great First Impression.

We know that all first impressions really count. Having a local landline number with One Net Express means that potential customers looking for a business in their area will find you and know that your business is local too.

The appearance of a landline number also gives the impression that your business is established in the local the area. Many of our customers feedback that their clients get the impression they’re dealing with a larger business, and like dialling a local number, as opposed to a mobile.

One Net Express - mobile phone features

A Scalable Solution.

With One Net Express, not only do you get a range of professional phone options such as hold music, hunt groups and call management, but you can also add further local landline numbers which all come to the same mobile number. This means that as your business expands, you don’t need to increase costs with additional offices and technology.

Availability Checker.

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Other Key Benefits of Using One Net Express with DRC.

  • Make sure your business never misses a call.

    By using the hunt group feature or simultaneous calling, you can ensure that your customers will always get through to a member of your team.
  • An expert customer support team.

    At DRC we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive customer support. Choose One Net express with DRC to get a great small business telephone solution, backed up by experts who understand your business.
  • Direct calls to the right person in the team.

    The auto-attendant feature means you can ask customers to select who they need to speak to, giving them a great customer experience and improving your efficiency by receiving the right calls.
  • One bill, one contract.

    One Net Express with DRC means that you only receive one bill for all of your phone requirements. It’s a simple solution, and you only ever need deal with the team at DRC.

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