One Net Business

Your Mobiles and Landlines Connected.

One Net Business is a unified communications solution which allows you to link your company landlines and mobiles. It allows customers to reach you wherever you are, and enables your team to be productive in the office, or on the road.

One Net Business

Always Available, In the Office or Away From Your Desk.

Connecting your company landlines with your mobile devices means that your customers can reach you wherever you are. If you’re not available, One Net Business gives you all the tools to direct these calls to other team members, or to collect voicemail left on either your landline or mobile devices.

One Net - one bill, one contract, one supplier

One Bill, One Contract,
One Supplier.

Our clients enjoy a single point of contact when choosing One Net Business from DRC. This means a single bill and a single contract. Calls from landlines and mobiles have the same charges and there are no call forwarding costs. This simple approach reduces hassle and our dedicated team can support your business as you implement and use One Net.

A Track Record.

Our clients choose DRC because we have a track record of delivering effective unified communications solutions. We can use our experience and consultative approach to ensure you get the right set up for your business. 

Availability Checker.

Check the availability of One Net Services in your area.

Other Key Benefits of Using One Net Business with DRC.

  • A dedicated customer support team.

    Working with DRC means you get all the benefits of the powerful One Net solution, but with an expert team of professionals who understand your business.
  • Call management – at your desk or on the go.

    Whether you need to receive calls from hunt groups in your teams or transfer calls to desk based colleagues at no additional cost, One Net gives you a full suite of tools to help you – wherever you are.
  • Access voicemail from landline or mobile.

    With One Net, you have just a single voicemail. That means you can pick up any messages from either phone.
  • Mobile app gives you control.

    Manage your settings remotely on the mobile app, including caller ID management, and call forwarding.
  • Fully functional online management portal.

    Your online portal gives you complete control over hunt groups, calling patterns (i.e. simultaneous or sequential) teams and settings. The team at DRC help many of our customers with these settings to ensure they are optimised for your businesses needs.
  • A reliable connection.

    One Net Business is hosted on a Voice over IP network that’s monitored 24/7, meaning you’ll always have access to a reliable connection, and your data will be secure.

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