Working Abroad

Mobile Packages for Working Abroad.

If your business has team members working abroad, you need them to have fast, reliable and secure connectivity – without a surprising bill.

Mobile Packages for working abroad

Company Wide or Individual.

At DRC, we work with our clients to understand their requirements for working abroad. This enables us to advise on company-wide data roaming tariffs, or specific requirements for individuals within the organisation.

Ongoing Optimisation

Ongoing Optimisation.

Working with our experienced team, our clients have the ability to review their tariffs and optimise their data roaming packages to help strike the balance between connectivity and cost.

Mobile working abroad from DRC

Doing Business Abroad.

We provide tailored packages which cater for the whole spectrum of international business requirements, including:

• Making and receiving voice calls when abroad
• Text messaging while abroad
• Retrieving email when abroad

Working together, we will help you choose the right package for your business needs.

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