Fixed Lines

Get More from your Fixed Lines.

Many of our clients are looking to achieve more from their existing fixed lines, having previously invested in systems which are utilising ISDN2 or ISDN30 analogue lines. Our team will work with your business to understand what you need from your fixed line solution, whether you’re getting the best deal and identify improvements to the efficiency and performance of your system.

Save money on fixed line telephone calls

Save Money on Your
Lines and Calls.

With a quick analysis we can establish whether your business has the right fixed line solution for your business needs and whether you can save money on your fixed lines. We know that for many of our clients it’s not as simple as just cost, you often want a package that better matches your requirements, but if we can save you money, we’ll look to do that.

Fixed Lines

Flexibility and
Scalability With SIP.

By installing SIP trunking, we can create a more flexible fixed line solution for your business. Making use of the existing technology, a SIP system gives you a dedicated line for Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) calling, ensuring your business is consistently contactable.

SIP trunks replace existing traditional phone lines, and bring cost efficiencies over the life of their use. We always recommend that a SIP installation has its own dedicated line to ensure that the increased traffic over your internet connection doesn’t slow down your current users.

SIP technology gives you the ability to add and remove users quickly and easily, meaning your existing infrastructure is utilised but you gain the benefits of VOIP technology.

Customer Support - DRC

Dedicated Customer Service.

If you’re buying your fixed lines through a major national supplier speaking to someone to resolve any issues, or just to get advice can be challenging. Choosing DRC for your fixed lines gives you confidence from configuration, through to in-life advice and support.

Non Geographic numbers - DRC

Non Geographic Numbers.

Whether you want to advertise a Freephone number, or don’t want to link your business to a specific location by area code, DRC can help you implement non-geographic numbers for your business.

We have access to 03, 0800 and 0870 numbers, and can get your system set up so that the non-geographic number is established for customers dialling in, and displays when you and your team dial out.

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