A Day in the Life of a DRC Account Manager

Most of the time, we use this blog to dispense tips, advice and news on anything related to communications technology, but every now and then we like to reveal our human side too, introducing you to some of the people behind the DRC brand.

This month, we asked Account Manager Steve Tabraham to step away from his phone and into the limelight, to tell us a little about himself and his role in the company.


Q:     How long have you worked at DRC?

A:      I joined DRC as an Account Manager back in August 2016.


Q:     What were you doing before?

A:      Before DRC, I worked at Vodafone for around 12 years. Starting initially as an in-store advisor, I progressed into retail management, eventually relocating to the company’s UK headquarters in Newbury, where I held positions in a broad range of areas including Business Accounts, Online Operations, Online Merchandising and Store Support, gaining invaluable experience and developing my customer-centric skills.


Q:     Why did you move to DRC?

A:      DRC have always worked closely with Vodafone; they were a Vodafone Gold Partner while I was there, and I got to know the team well. I was always impressed by the high level of service they delivered to their customers, so when the opportunity came up to join them, it was a natural transition! 


Q:     What does your role involve?

A:      As one of a number of Account Managers at DRC, I’m responsible for my own portfolio of customers. I look after the accounts of more than 100 businesses; they vary considerably in size, and are spread across a diverse breadth of sectors including construction, health, property, automotive and IT. 

I work closely with each of them to acquire an in-depth understanding of their operations, their market place, and the challenges and opportunities they face, helping them utilise telecoms technology to grow and realise their full potential.

I do this by continually monitoring the solutions we’ve implemented, testing and measuring them regularly to ensure they continue to represent the most relevant and cost-effective options available. In addition, I provide them with insights and recommendations, keeping them updated and aware of solutions that can enable them to operate more efficiently and profitably.

As well as my business portfolio, I’m also responsible for looking after the accounts of nearly 200 individual DRC customers.


Q:     What does a typical day look like for you?

A:      Every day is different, but I always use the first hour to get my admin out of the way. This usually involves replying to emails, reviewing our CRM system in relation to my customers, and preparing for the calls and meetings I have scheduled.

Much of the day will be taken up speaking with customers on the phone, or going to meet them face to face. I may have arranged to talk through a new business opportunity or proposal, discuss a contract renewal, present a tariff review – or I could be making one of my regular calls simply to find out how things are going.

Staying engaged and having conversations with customers right the way through their contract is an essential part of our proactive customer approach. Often calls will uncover things I can assist customers with that they might otherwise be unaware of. We might, for example, only be looking after their mobile estate, but if I discover they’re having broadband problems, we may well be able to help resolve their issue.


Q:     How often do you contact your customers?

A:      If a business customer takes out or renews a contract, I’ll automatically arrange to follow up with them three months later, by which time, there’ll be bills to review, so we can check everything is as it should be.

Moving forward – depending on the size of the business, I’ll normally schedule an account review meeting once every 6 months. At the meeting, which might be face to face or over the phone and screen-sharing using Skype for Business, I’ll present an analytical report detailing how our recommended solution is working, following this up with a further call in another three months.

All these regular contact points help inform my knowledge of my customers’ communications architecture, enabling me to provide them with highly focused support.


Q:     Can you give an example of how you helped a customer recently?

A:      A little while ago we installed a new phone system for a company that manages online auctions. I was having a regular catch-up call with them, and during the conversation they mentioned they were experiencing intermittent problems with their data connection, provided via satellite by the business park where they’re located.

They told me that during peak traffic periods, trucks and large vehicles were interfering with the satellite signal, causing the connection to lag or drop out completely. It was disrupting online auctions and impacting on their business.

I offered to carry out a connectivity check to see what other options were available at their location, and the net result is that DRC now provides them with an FTTC (Fibre-to-the-Cabinet) connection; it’s more stable, and makes commercial sense for a business-critical service.

In my most recent call, the customer told me that since the switch to fibre has improved the user experience, online auction sales are up 10%!


Q:     What’s the best part of your job?

A:      I’m a people-person, so I love engaging and interacting with customers, and developing ever-stronger relationships with them. Getting positive feedback from satisfied customers is great, because it reassures me that the solutions I’m recommending are working. The real icing on the cake is when one of my customers refers DRC to another business.


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