Leased Line

What is a Leased Line?

A leased line is a direct internet connection that offers guaranteed connection speeds. The connection is direct, private, and secure, meaning it’s solely for your business. It’s the perfect solution for those businesses that just can’t put up with slow speeds or afford to lose their connection.

We can help advise your business on the costs and need for a leased line, based on your location and business requirements.

Leased Line - High Performance & Reliability

High Performance & Reliability.

Unlike other connections, a leased line is for your business only, so you don’t share bandwidth with other businesses; because your line is direct and private, you’re less likely to suffer from slow internet and connectivity issues.

Specialist Support.

With a DRC leased line, your internet connection is as good as guaranteed. DRC customers benefit from bespoke support and advice from specialists who fully understand their business and the broadband solution that’s tailored to their needs. You’ll receive expert support from choosing the connection, through to installation and in-life support.

Key Benefits of a Leased Line.

  • Fast Upload and Download Times.

    For many businesses, sharing files is an important part of every day. For those businesses, a large amount of data is vital. A leased line offers a huge bandwidth which guarantees high performing internet and impressive upload and download speeds – anywhere between 10Mbps – 1Gbps.
  • Speed.

    Certain times of the day can see a regular broadband connection become congested. A leased line connection is delivered using fibre and maintains the same speed at all times, giving your business a dependable connection.
  • Adjust According to Your Needs.

    Because you’re not sharing your bandwidth with anyone else, you get control over how it’s used. You have control over how the connection is managed and can increase speeds depending on the demands placed on your business. DRC experts will help advise on the right setup for your business.
  • Increased Efficiency and Productivity.

    Your leased line connection should be up and running at all times, and performing at the chosen speed, meaning your team spend less time managing the connection, allowing them more time to focus on other projects for the business.

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