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Just a few ways we help our customers.

Codelocks | Paul Digby

About Codelocks

Codelocks is an innovative designer and manufacturer of locks, from robust and stylish mechanical locks to cutting-edge electronic and smart locks that use the latest technologies. The locks can be used for a variety of applications, including doors, cabinets, lockers and enclosures. Access control is made easy, whether the application involves limiting building and room access to selected staff members, or safeguarding confidential or hazardous materials.

Convenience is at the heart of all of Codelocks’ products, which are designed to be user-friendly and give building and facilities managers complete control over who is entering and exiting. The locks are cost-effective, easy to fit and programme, can be retrofitted and do not require complex wiring or external power. Programming options include remote code generation, audit trail code tracking, code-free mode, along with a variety of other functions to suit customer needs.

Codelocks is an innovative designer and manufacturer of locks

KitLock, a brand of Codelocks, is a convenient and stylish digital alternative to traditional key-operated locker locks. Cabinets and lockers in gyms, leisure centres, schools, hospitals and offices can be opened using a keypad code, eliminating the inconvenience of coins, keys and wristbands.

Why DRC?

We have been a customer of DRC for over 10 years, during this time we have formed a valuable working relationship and look to build on that further in the coming years.

They provide an excellent customer service with the reassurance of being local and UK based.

DRC are experts in getting to know their customers and understanding their business needs, with any telecommunications requirements being sourced and provided tailored to our specific requirements

As a result of continued company growth, we have recently moved to a brand new purpose built building.

DRC working with Vodafone were professional with moving our entire telephone solution, worry and hassle free, meaning the business could continue to operate without disruption

The new development meant data connectivity results were not available. At the time FTTC wasn’t an option until Royal Mail registered our address. DRC were quick to act and provide an alternative solution. We are currently in the process of moving FTTC to Ethernet as this meets the needs of the business and again this has been handled efficiently by DRC


About printMAX

printMAX are one of the UK leading supplier of large format printers, with 20 years of history and experience. printMAX has evolved over the years to meet the demands of the industry and now offer the best solutions available in the market along with a wealth of support, knowledge and expertise.


Part of the journey was finding a Unified Communications system that would allow them the ability to ‘never miss a call’ and to work flexibly whether at their Head offices or their state of the art demonstration centre. They were then introduced to DRC a leading Unified Communications provider.

Why DRC?

‘We were introduced to DRC over 3 years ago by one of their customers who spoke very highly of their services. We were at the time looking at various phone systems and investigating hosted solutions, when DRC proposed Vodafone One Net Business a hosted telephony system.

DRC listened carefully to our requirements and challenges and were able to clearly explain which features of One Net would address each area. We particularly liked the fact that One Net has a range of built in features that work across both our desk phones and mobiles meaning our team could use all the features of the phone system even when out and about or at our demo centre. This also provided cost savings as calls between all office desk phones and mobiles are free of charge with no divert charges for calls routed out of the office.

Another aspect that appealed to us is the disaster recovery aspect. If there is ever a powercut or fault on the landlines then the system automatically fails over to our mobiles so there is never a risk of us losing calls.

We would thoroughly recommend both the One Net solution itself as it provides us with a single consolidated bill and is scalable as our business grows, also the service provided by DRC from the first meeting and subsequent account review meetings we have felt fully supported and managed by their whole team’.


Driver Hire Southampton

About Driver Hire

With a new business adventure taking priority Driver Hire Southampton needed to make sure their communications were taken care of and delivered them reliable and flexible service without taking up their time and costing the earth.

Ivan Carter, Business Owner at Driver Hire Southampton comments on their relationship with DRC:

The Challenge

We were a new company that needed to keep costs to a minimum with the flexibility of running the business anywhere. This meant when we were short staffed or out of the office calls would still be taken and business could be carried on as usual. We also needed a geographical presence without the long fixed contract and the ability to take the number to a different location as we knew the business would grow so we would need a bigger premise. Being a recruitment firm for temporary last minute drivers we have to have contact with employees 24 hours a day so our office line has to be taken from our mobiles after office hours.

The Solution

To begin with, DRC supplied us with One Net Express which met with all of our requirements, customers could call us on our landline number and we could answer anywhere without them knowing we weren’t sat in the office. As the members of staff grew so did our desire for a bigger office and the need for a flexible collaborative telephone system which we couldn’t get from One Net Express so DRC moved us on to One Net Business. This gave us all the features we needed and more without a large upfront cost that you would have with a traditional telephone system and being a new company paying a monthly line rental helps with cash flow.

The Result

We’re now in our new offices in Eastleigh using the same landline number we were provided on the One Net Express solution which meant we didn’t have to advertise a new number costing us money and business. DRC have lived up to and exceeded our expectations in managing our system and continue to work with us to ensure our needs and requirements are met. When requiring support from DRC they react quickly no matter how big or small so I can focus on running my business hassle and worry free.


About Berkeley

Berkeley is a leading international agency experiencing unrivalled growth, offering their clients truly integrated PR and marketing campaigns. They use creative storytelling in PR, digital and social media campaigns to achieve business outcomes, enhance reputations and drive sales.

In 2017 they are launching the Berkeley Storytelling Academy, bringing accreditations, training and incentives to staff and clients, to develop their storytelling skills.

Part of the journey was finding a Unified Communications system that would allow them the ability to ‘never miss a call’ and to work flexibly whether at their Head offices or their state of the art demonstration centre. They were then introduced to DRC a leading Unified Communications provider.

Berkeley were a mobile only service customer of DRC

Through diligent understanding of this customer and their future plans, objectives and requirements, DRC recognised an office move was part of their ongoing requirement as they continued to rapidly expand. DRC proposed Vodafone’s One Net Telephony solution as part of their future Unified Communications plan.

The benefits proposed were non geographic – the system can be moved to any location and can have landline numbers to show many locations if needed. It offers scalability; the system can grow as Berkeley does. The features far surpass any that a traditional telephone system (PBX) can deliver, and are updated automatically as and when the One Net adds new features.

Berkeley has been using Vodafone’s One Net telephony solution for over five years, starting out with 25 users, and growing through that time to over 60 users.

As we constantly monitor all our accounts proactively we recognised that this growth would bring new challenges. We proposed a solution which ensured that Berkeley’s increased users were always able to make and receive calls without finding that their available lines were all in use. We advised that a leased line connection for both voice with One Net and Data / Internet was installed.

This solution was implemented and has given the business guaranteed levels of available lines and a more stable data connection for all the users in their office.

Customer Comments

Chris Hewitt, CEO, Berkeley commented: “Working in communications, it goes without saying that phones are an integral part of our business. Partnering with DRC ensures that we have regular, reliable and efficient telecommunications. The friendly and knowledgeable staff at DRC ensures that we have the right telecommunications system in place, as we continue to grow.”