Business Essentials

Completing Your Telecoms Solution.

DRC provide a complete range of solutions to help businesses work efficiently. Our range of business essentials help our clients achieve their business goals including growth, compliance and customer service.

Handset and Equipment Leasing.

When you’re upgrading existing equipment, or bringing on new team members, spreading the cost of new handsets, mobiles and equipment via leasing allows you to equip your team with the most up-to-date and relevant hardware, without the initial capital expenditure.

By leasing your mobile hardware with DRC, we can help you to select the most appropriate solutions for your needs and quickly and easily get the equipment to your team

Call recording (Quality Control, Compliance, FSA regulations).

Many of our clients require call recording facilities on their phone system; this can be for quality control or for ensuring your team is delivering the correct levels of customer service. In addition to quality control, many businesses require call recording for compliance purposes, including to compliance with FSA regulations.

In addition to phone systems, it is now possible to implement call recording on Android devices, helping our clients in the financial sector maintain compliance, even when mobile.

We can help set up call recording in your business, ensuring your processes are compliant ,and you have the features you need from the start.

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Business Essentials from DRC

Audio + Web Conferencing.

If you run regular conference calls, you need an easy to manage system which allows your clients, prospects, suppliers and team to dial in easily and stay connected. Depending on your requirements for audio or video conferencing, we can work with you to identify and install the best system.

Our audio conferencing facilities allow you to select whether you have a local, or even toll free number for people to call.

Our efficient audio and video conferencing system gives your business the efficiency of removing unnecessary travel to meetings, and allows you to quickly connect with anyone in the world.

Device and Vehicle Tracking.

Keeping track of equipment and employees can be vital to many businesses.

If you have lone workers, their safety is paramount, so knowing where they are, and being able to track their activity is crucial. The tools we deploy allow your staff to check in and check out of meetings and appointments, will raise an alarm if an appointment over runs, and even allow your staff to hit a panic button if something has gone wrong.

Our telematics systems allow you track not just where a vehicle is, so you can optimise the movement of your team, but also monitor driving style and economics, and using a traffic light system, feedback to drivers what the office is seeing. This helps you manage and ensure the quality of driving, and maintain your businesses reputation.

Car Kits.

If you or members of your team are on the road, you need to be sure that if you’re making and receiving calls, you’re doing so safely and legally. Our team of qualified installers work on all types of vehicles, and are experienced in the installation of hands-free kits at your choice location.

In addition, we also fit charging cradles for mobile devices, typically in cars already equipped with Bluetooth. This allows your mobile workforce to use their mobile device throughout the day, even with heavy usage, and also enables the devices to be used as a satellite navigation system, all the while, maintaining safety.

We can supply and fit, at an agreed location, car kits for most mobile phones.  We also provide solutions required for the long-term operation of wireless Bluetooth compatible phones.

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